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Meeting (to be) held on 2009/01/29 at 19:00 in Mary Campbell Room

Previous meeting: 22 January 2009 19:00:00 Next meeting: 5 February 2009 19:00:00


  • Introductory Meetings for Semester 2 (daveruss)
    • Room bookings
    • Presentations
    • Decided not to hold 'introductory' meetings as we don't have many projects that are easy for first years to get involved in.
    • May consider holding a '3rd year project' meeting for people who would be interested in a SOWN related project

  • Re-advertising SOWN[at]HOME node hosting (daveruss)
    • Home node wiki page needs updating with current 'features'.
    • Would like to put an advert on relevant ECS UG/staff notices, as well as by email.

  • Firewall issues to accessing SOWN servers (Davetaz)
    • DMZ protected from UG VLAN due to
    • Davetaz has requested that the relevant ports are opened as per last week's minutes.

  • Quick registration page for conference accounts (Dev8D - 5th Feb)
    • To be implemented by Crwilliams over the next week.
    • Need to log email address used for conference registration.
    • Must be hosted on sown-auth to allow access.

  • SOWN Core Network Update
    • switch
      • Physically installed in server room.
      • Will be configured tomorrow morning.
    • Order from the summer (Davetaz)
      • No server order was made, due to pricing differences between advert and quote.
    • Newly acquired server (Davetaz)
      • A server with 4 network ports has been acquired, which will be replace sown-nat.
    • Various servers will be moving to different server rooms over the coming months. Care needs to be taken to ensure that a backup server is maintained in a building other than

  • ZeplerNode
    • NRPE to manage disk usage on /rw
      • Crwilliams to add this check (via SNMP rather than NRPE) to nagios.
      • Need to also check /tmp on home nodes.
    • Cron job for ntpdate (morse)
      • This issue is resolved, though could do with being ran more regularly (hourly).
    • Interface renaming (morse)
      • This issue is resolved.
      • Updated kernel installed

  • 802.11r (Jos)
    • Jos has been doing some investigations using OpenWRT. More to follow next week.

  • Location tracking (AndrewWillmott)
    • iPhone App for gps3GSOWNStumbler
    • Data required from the iPhone/any client
    • Pictures of the output at the moment
    • Sub project - Mapping Southampton/University to a suitable detail to effectively assess the coverage of SOWN
    • Sub project - Altitude data for Southampton
    • AndrewWillmott has come up with a better algorithm for determining the location of access points from observational data. He has yet to test or document it. Don't worry, everything is OK, but distances and spheres are involved!!!
    • Morse has created a USB GPS dongle thing.

  • Tutorials
    • Tutorial Workshop for UGs (Davetaz)
    • Documented Tutorials
      • Believed to be a good idea, to be discussed further during a future meeting.

  • Admin Tasks
    • PHP code cleanup (Leth)
    • Replacing cron jobs with ECS Webserver SVN
      • Davetaz to speak to Jules regarding finding a suitable SVN service.

  • AOB
    • Donating to SOWN
      • Need to check with ECS regarding their views on this.
    • We need to get in touch with the Comms group regarding their offer of usage of equipment, collaboration and student projects.

  • Workshop to be held at 11am on Saturday, covering:
    • dev8D preparation
    • code cleanup
    • Location Tracking
    • Test SOWN[at]HOME with bandwidth limits
    • Testing of IPv6 on sown-zepler
    • Plans for a temporary backup server (whilst server changes and moves take place)
    • Handling of multiple DNS addresses in Nagios

Deferred to Next Meeting

  • Routing
    • Zone file alterations
      • 7core domain name
      • Removing sown-dev's AAAA (v6) address
    • Multiple routing tables (Davetaz)
    • Captive-DNS (morse)

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