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Meeting (to be) held on 2009/01/22 at 19:00 in Mary Campbell Room

Previous meeting: 15 January 2009 19:00:00 Next meeting: 29 January 2009 19:00:00


  • DNS records - Done (daveruss)
    • 7core domain name
    • Removing sown-dev's AAAA (v6) address
    • Multiple routing tables (Davetaz)
    • Firewall improvements - Blacklisting by DNS
    • Access to SOWN servers from UGVPN

  • SOWN[at]HOME
    • Bandwidth Monitoring (SjH)
    • Are node usage caps now working?
    • Has removing [SOWN]-8021X hostapd instance resolved problems?
    • Re-advertising SOWN[at]HOME node hosting
    • Return of unused nodes:

  • New servers
    • order from the summer (SjH)
    • `New' server acquired (Davetaz)

  • Introductory Meetings for Semester 2

  • Admin Tasks
    • PHP code cleanup (Leth)
    • Replacing cron jobs with ECS Webserver SVN

  • New major projects
    • iPhone App for gps3GSOWNStumbler
    • JISC Developer Happiness Conference in February. SOWN to provide wireless.

  • AOB


We have got rid of bytemark! YAY! The nominet registration was finally updated and ECS are now our official DNS hosts! (Davetaz)

Multiple routing tables to be investigated in the near future.

Captive-DNS may be superseded by link-layer filtering on the wireless. More to follow.

Davetaz to chase up any firewall problems. The following should be open for <all-ecs> to <sown-severs>: SSH Web [HTTP/HTTPS]

VPN-Ports to sown-{vpn,dev} SIP Ports (UDP: 10000 & 20000) to sown-dev

No progress on ipv6-mobility The next stage is in-site testing

802.11r is still being researched. We may need to move from the atheros-hal to ath5k-hal

802.16 (Wimax was a banned word for this meeting) We are looking to send a SOWN representative to a meeting in Prague in February and for this we want to get as far along with WIMAX as possible. Pressure has thus been applied on our contacts to try and speed the process up but unfortunately they are unwilling to disclose any information until next Monday, probably Tuesday. (Davetaz)

There is a minor problem with the portal, it may be firewall related.

Sown-Zepler is now remote-logging. (morse) will add a cron job to ntpdate.

Bandwidth Limiting now works. We will re-advertise node-hosting. (SjH) will update the list of `features' for @home nodes.

An additional 1U is available, there may be a Saturday Surgery to build it in the near future.

The Documentation-Project may be revived, the end aim being to run a workshop to assist with the second-years network-course revision.

There has been no progress on the code-cleanup.

SVN for php-files that exist on multiple servers will be investigated further. Specifically how we can use ECS's ,ug}forge.

The existing Location tracking backend will be moved to postgres-sql. (AndrewWillmott) will produce a proposal describing what's necessary to collect data. (morse) will construct a a USB-GPS adapter. The eventual aim being to create a third-year project proposal to port this setup to the iPhone. Note: `Placelab'

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