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Meeting (to be) held on 2009/01/15 at 19:00 in Mary Campbell Room

Previous meeting: 8 January 2009 19:00:00 Next meeting: 22 January 2009 19:00:00


  • WiMAX (Davetaz)
    • "Basically we have had a change in vendor for this trial and are currently verifying that this new vendor can meet the trial requirements." It what we've been told, no more is known at this stage.

  • Mobile IPv6 (SjH)
    • No real progress
    • Progress on 802.11r between two Meraki-minis
      • Progress was a bit stumped by the fact that the person investigating it had a problem setting up a DHCP server such that the node can get an IP. This has been documented on Developers:DHCPServer. This should help with this issue.
    • Has domain name for 7core been chased up
      • No but the DNS has.

  • ZeplerNode connecting to the Internet problems
    • This was due to the /var partition being full. It is only 8Mb and all logging should be happening on NAT blame SjH).
    • There is a thought on keeping the ssh session open to SUSU and Zepler to reduce the time to log.

  • SOWN[at]HOME
    • Bandwidth Monitoring (SjH)
      • No progress due to coursework but it *should* be working.
    • Are node usage caps now working?
      • As far as we know.
    • Has removing [SOWN]-8021X hostapd instance resolved problems?
      • As far as we know. Testing needs to be done.
    • Nodes to be Returned
      • University road (#250) - (Davetaz) to chase up

  • V6 routing problems (Davetaz)
    • Has AAAA (v6) address been removed form the DNS?
      • In progress, waiting on the DNS admin to update the DNS, the new zone file has been given to him.
    • Multiple routing tables
      • You can classify packets coming in and going out and have multiple routing tables.

  • DNS records (daveruss)
    • In progress see above.

  • Multicast Problems (Davetaz and SjH)
    • The great reboot is needed to solve this one it has now been concluded.

  • New server order (where is it?)
    • Nobody knows

  • LDAP authentication
    • Done as far as we want to go. Current solution involves manual creation of home directory, which in this case is probably best off being a common home directory.

  • Services for SOWN
    • SOWN VoIP (Inipairus)
      • No progress. Apparently (Inipairus) has been revising.
    • Other services ideas
      • [[User:AndrewWilmott|AndrewWilmott] has been working on the location finding project and has created a database and some import tools for services including wiggle and placelab.

  • New major projects
    • iPhone App for gps3GSOWNStumbler
      • This is an idea to develop an App for the iPhone which utilises the wifi and gps to collect data about access point locations around which can be submitted to a database for later processing.
    • JISC Developer Happiness Conference in February. SOWN to provide wireless.
      • crwilliams has looked into branding the log-in page however it doesn't yet look at the node number. He is also looking at being able to add nodes to groups (e.g. conference group). He is also looking at being able to do the same thing with the portal.

  • AOB
    • Firewall improvements to banned blacklisted IP's by having these controlled by the DNS and not the firewall which has a limited amount of IPs which can be added.
    • PHP code cleanup? (Leth)
      • Web server has SVN so we should use it for replacement of the cron jobs.
    • Do we need Surgery? (Do we want to organise a Saturday Surgery?)
      • After exams
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