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Meeting (to be) held on 2008/10/30 at 19:00 in Mary Campbell Room

Previous meeting: 23 October 2008 19:00:00 Next meeting: 6 November 2008 19:00:00


  • Review on SOWN-Zepler deployment and Saturday surgery
    • Testing at the surgery using the amplifier went well
    • Soekris board testing was a failure as the two prism cards seem to be broken
    • Testing of the amplifier on top of Zepler didn't go well
      • With have left a deployment user the alix board and amplifier on the roof
      • Signal quality was fine testing on the roof but couldn't establish a connection from the ground
      • Unsure to what the problem is more testing required
      • We will get the node down and do a test with the full kit. Questionable how long before we can get up on the roof again.

  • 802.1x
    • More testing but no real progress

  • WiMAX
    • Have specs for the two base stations
    • Davetaz will take the spec and put it on a wiki page
      • ODU - OutDoor Unit (base station)
      • 3 x TRXs (296mm x 115mm x 440mm) Transmission units with dual aerials per ODU
      • IDU - InDoor Unit (servers) - 5U
      • NEC will need to come and fit these units
      • Link between IDU and ODU is optical fibre.
      • One deployment will probably be on Zepler
      • Deployment 2 : Avenue campus (inc Highfield Hall), Bencraft, Glen Eyre, Montefiore, Chilworth Science Park, Boldrewood. Avenue seems the best option at present. This will only be temporary (a pprox 6 months).
      • Speak to iSolutions/Buildings and Estates about possible sites at Avenue Campus.

  • Mobile IPv6
    • Sown-7core rebuilt on Saturday and fixed on Monday
    • Tested by connecting a laptop internally to ECS and getting a mobile IP (v6) and all the packets get through and then migrating to the ECS-WLAN and still got packets using the same IP.
    • No progress on deploying the proper firewall (not just the test one).

  • Home node deployments
    • Summary of home node deployments
    • Ideas for incentives to host nodes
      • Advertise good firewalling and protection against excessive use
      • Cron job should update nodes to do throttling / firewalling etc.
    • Plans for advertising node hosting
      • Post a news article on the UG homepage once we have firewalling/excessive usage protection.

  • Progress on Todo list
    • Deploying new certificates for sown-auth
      • No Progress
    • Banning Users Implementation
      • Will work on at this weekend's surgery
    • Immediate change wireless channel facility for node owners
      • Will do this at surgery
    • Information for Node Hosts page
      • Will also do this at the surgery if time

  • AOB
    • Saturday surgery for:
      • Home node firewalling/throttling/excessive usage etc.
      • 802.11a testing with Wrap and Soekris boards and XR5 cards
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