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Meeting (to be) held on 2008/06/11 at 19:00 in Mary Campbell Room

Previous meeting: 4 June 2008 19:00:00 Next meeting: 19 June 2008 19:00:00


Due to unforeseen circumstance we were unable to discuss the agenda below on this date

SOWN Projects Group (SOWN-PG)

Progress on:

Other Issues

  • Sown-6core redeployment
  • Return of Soekris board progress
  • Return of Home nodes
    • As of 11:45 on 11/06/2008 one node (University Road) had been down for a significant amount of time and another node (Harefield Road) had been down a shorter amount. Both hosts were aware of the problems and intended to fix them.
  • Broken Login page
  • ECS Scheduled Power-tests
  • ECS Nagios showed dev as down for 4 days... can we monitor their pages?
  • AOB
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19:00:00, 11 June 2008 +
20:00:00, 11 June 2008 +