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Meeting (to be) held on 2008/04/17 at 19:00 in Mary Campbell Room

Previous meeting: 20 March 2008 19:00:00 Next meeting: 24 April 2008 19:00:00

If you cannot make it to this meeting we will attempt to have a VoIP conference call. Dial 15032@ or committee@ to connect.

SOWN Projects Group (SOWN-PG)

  • Progress on:
    • SOWN VoIP
      • Jonathan has edited source which should allow cross subnet calls
    • 802.1x - Need some sort of report produced ASAP
      • Chapters, Background (current state of 1x before open supplicant), Intro to open supp, Main body on how open supp works, supported platforms and ease of use (the facts), Conclusion on open supplicant (can be an opinion), Evaluation on where 1x should now go or are all the problems solved. Any references to other projects would be good.
      • Matt, Oli, Adam and Andrew need to look into this.
    • Location Tracking

Other Issues

  • Public IPv4 for SOWN
    • Come up with a plan on how we can deploy public IPv4 on SOWN and why. We can probably get a /17 subnet for SOWN. Needs to be written up as a report.
    • (This will also allow a non-JANET internet connection via webcentre, allowing community use from campus)
      • NAT problems relating to SOWN VoIP calls
      • To allow routing from University IP addresses to SOWN users
      • To improve identification of community traffic with regard to University/department
      • To allow easier logging of who was using what - ie if someone complains about traffic coming from x.x.x.x it will be easier to know who that was without needing to worry about the effects of NAT
      • Issues
        • will cause all traffic to be routed down the tunnels, having an affect on throughput
        • will need a firewall to restrict viruses etc from the net?
      • Paul is to work on this after the weekend
  • Zepler B deployment
    • How did it go?
    • See ZeplerNode for latest deployment information
    • Need to rebuild using Voyage - therefore will be identical to SUSUNode
    • Ubiquity also sell embedded PCs that may be worth investigating (Paul to add link)
    • Workshop needs planning on Bank Holiday Monday
  • SOWN Polo Shirts
    • Payment and collections for those who haven't already done so
      • All shirts now collected and paid for
  • Handling problematic nodes.
    • Colin to add number of days node has been down to email subject and body.
    • Colin to contact helpdesk about two nodes that are down.
  • Website
    • Linking to home node host web pages (the Drummond Arms)
      • URL to be manually added to the database
        • Will make node status entry clickable
        • Will add link to map
    • Updating of pages on sown-auth to use new style
    • Move to new server
    • Wiki
      • Migration to Semantic MediaWiki
      • Creation of custom skin
  • Expansion of user community
    • Allow logins such as and
      • Probably should be treated like users
      • If we are able to authenticate against such services
        • Dave N to look into this with relevant people
    • Start allowing signups
      • Can someone come up with a procedure for next meeting on:
        • What data do we need to collect on sign up.
          • Manual approval via contact us form - to be advertised on login page - contact us page to be added to Sown-auth
        • How to we decide on whether to allocate an account can it be automated.
        • What access restrictions would we place on them (e.g. already decided they are not allowed to use JANET net connection)
        • Who is ultimately responsible if a use does something naughty (can they do something naughty?)
  • Speeding up load time of SOWN homepage
  • SOWN Portal
    • Deployed redirect page so that external users don't get a 404.
    • Option to be taken to SOWN Portal on login
      • To be deployed on Sown-nat by Colin - all users to be redirected on login, without loading page, but with short delay.
      • User setting: on per device basis?
        • No opt-out to be implemented as long as link to originally requested page is shown
    • Add more features
  • IPv6 Throughput Problem
    • Problem with Paul's ISP - Demon Internet
  • AOB
    • Stuart : Persistent login / Authentication by MAC? - For basic devices? To be discussed further.
      • Facility for each user to register one MAC address that is automatically authenticated for the day, when they login with a device that does have a web interface.
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