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Meeting (to be) held on 2008/01/24 at 19:00 in Mary Campbell Room

Previous meeting: 17 January 2008 19:00:00 Next meeting: 31 January 2008 19:00:00


Zepler Node

  • Permission to deploy
    • Paul has contacted buildings and estates, they have seen his risk assessment and given permission. He is going to see them in person Tomorrow. They will need to know who is going up
    • Node deployers: Davetaz, morse, yahooadam, Guy. (Paul will give student numbers to buildings and estates).
    • Deployment will hopefully take place on Tuesday (weather permitting) am/pm weather dependent.
  • Work still needed before deployment
    • This will be figured out at the weekend
    • Jubilee clips still needed - YahooAdam and Guy will go to B&Q to buy them

New Kit Approval

TOTAL : £305 before shipping

SOWN[at]HOME Nodes

  • Decisions on undecided requests
    • daveruss is appointed as node deployment officer. Will make decision on accepting node requests / organising node deployments
  • Plan for sorting out deployed nodes that are not up
    • After exams email those who nodes are down. Offer them help getting them working
  • Nagios generated emails to node admins
    • Email after two hours of being down and then every 24 hours until the node comes back up
    • Don't send emails if no external access (it's our fault not theirs).
    • Maybe emails to those with less than 60% uptimes offering help to make their nodes more reliable or asking them to return them.
  • Discussion about using Frottle (
    • We have no problems with quality of service, so not really needed.
    • Needs to be deployed on each client so a lot of hassle for no real gain

Saturday surgery

  • Who is attending?
    • Davetaz, morse, Andrew_W, YahooAdam, Guy, crwilliams (lunchtime-ish), daveruss
  • Other work to do (that has not been discussed above)
    • IPv6 on SOWN[at]HOME
  • The SOWN Report (6th Feb)
    • Presentation on what we have done since the Summer - The success stories (approx 20 minutes long)
    • Presentation a priority over report


  • Future direction of SOWN
    • Investigate making SOWN firmware available to others (e.g. on sourceforge or something)
      • Removing specifics, i.e. ip addresses, host names, domains, etc.
      • How much work will it be to tidy up.
    • Guy and YahooAdam interested in network stuff, routing etc. e.g. how SOWN firmware works.
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