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Meeting (to be) held on 2007/11/13 at 19:00 in Mary Campbell Room

Previous meeting: 8 November 2007 19:00:00 Next meeting: 20 November 2007 19:00:00


Update of progress with development network

A new power supply has been ordered for sown-6core


No news

Node requests

Two node requests were approved, 'someone' will get nodes to the lucky few.

Progress with website / admin site

  • Community account request page
    • Is there a list of like domains?
  • No new progress on this yet, but it is not currently a high priority
  • Other things to be done
  • Channel-change system for Node-Administrators, currently this only works for Sown-Administrators.

Should we have a DPA 'promise'?

  • eg, We will not publish your name or email address.
  • eg, We will not list the number of your house, you decide how accurate the long/lat are.
  • The phrase 'In accordance with the University's DPA guidelines, information submitted will only be accessible to members of the SOWN committee.' should suffice.

Removal of wiki:Summer and/or wiki:ShoppingList nodes?

This should be done as part of a wide wiki-cleanup. No-one volunteered.


  • Remote logging of sown-nodes to a machine on the network should be setup, this saves sown-susu from periodically filling its ram-disk.
  • Ask for Joyce Lewis's advice regarding a 'Press-Release' about SOWNs progress and current status.
  • Concerns were expressed about being able to find out who people are using the reverse-DNS records. This isn't a risk as it only gives the public machine name, which is broadcast by the operating system.
  • 'Someone' will create a 'What is a Sown@Home node' page on the wiki, as well as a 'How does a Sown@Home node work?'
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