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Meeting (to be) held on 2007/06/26 at 19:00 in Zepler CLS Lecture Room

Previous meeting: 19 June 2007 19:00:00 Next meeting: 4 July 2007 19:00:00

Agenda & Minutes

  • Union Budget News

We discussed that the Union has generously given us money this year which will cover a further year of the license with Ofcom plus enough for some cable odds and ends. There was no point trying to be greedy with the Union and they were very generous considering how many meetings we go to of theirs and how little of the form we filled in.

  • Confirmation on Equipment which is going to be available over the summer.

The Equipment has started arriving and updates are being posted on the ShoppingList as things arrive. Everything we initially wanted has been ordered now and should arrive within the next few weeks hopefully.

  • Possible presentation and demonstration of Radius deployment.

This was a demonstration of the current state of the zepler node, which shows some promise in that it advertises 2 SSIDs. However the node seems to have some trouble communicating with various servers and staying generally alive.

Morse thinks there exists a drivers problem which first causes the wireless card to ignore which channel we wish it to use.

There are also several problems with 1x and getting this to authenticate which we hope to have fixed.

Paul Dart has now taken over the constructing of the Zepler node and thus has the job of hooking this up to the vlan and getting it authenticating with the various servers. This will be done from his desk space in the demo room of B32-L4. He will also need to go onto the roof of zepler at some point and fetch down the node box which will require some cutting equipment and a large spanner to undo the aerial connection.

Paul has a VLAN connection on his desk as well which is the last port on the right closest the door to the street (as you face the street from the inside of the demo room).

  • Possible presentation and demonstration on Open-WRT development for SOWN[at]HOME and discussion on the feasibility of getting advanced applications into the node firmware.

After much heated discussion we decided it would be best to scrap 1x authentication on the home nodes due to complexity of setup required by the user on many different platforms compared to the ease of blue socket. Yes 1x is secure and all that but we want users who can just plag and play, thus it was decided we should also use blue-socket web based authentication.

The Buffalo APs we have ordered are also only capable of handling one SSID however the more important discovery is that they run a 2.4 kernel which is pretty much useless for any v6 application. It was decided that each AP will need to run a 2.6.4+ kernel and the wireless card driver will have to be compiled in, which it is believed is available (checked present in 2.6.20).

For other options Paul Dart is going to carry out a research into other available APs to find what is available which can run 2.6 and support multiple SSIDs as well as any other features which may be useful to the project.

  • IPv6 Issues

Each AP will peer with a tunnel broker and get a /64 IPv6 address space for that node. We are hoping to rely on the broker to act as a router and snoop any traffic to ensure that multicast is not flooded to places on the network which don't require it.

  • RIP - SOWN Nat Faraday.

It may be still on, however is unpingable over the wired network. It would be advisable to turn SOWN-Faraday off now and possibly let buildings and estates know that we will want it back in the future, less the ATX box of SOWN Faraday Nat which we can presume will be binned at some point.

Next meeting: Same time next week: Tuesday 2nd July @ 7pm in Zepler Foyer.

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