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Meeting (to be) held on 2007/06/19 at 19:00 in Zepler CLS Lecture Room

Previous meeting: [[|]] Next meeting: 26 June 2007 19:00:00


Summary of the points discussed at yesterday's meeting adapted from the email sent to the mailing list:

    • Will be sent off ASAP.
    • Question of whether the license is for one year or three years. Assumed for the time being as only one year.
    • New servers, Tim hopes to get 2x1U's for us. CAN SOME ONE LINK THE SPECS FOR THESE
    • Some boxes/devices may need to be turned back on, i.e. sown-nat. Speak to Andrew Landells about this.
    • Zepler Node
      • Will be first to be repaired. Specs for A and B.
      • Pictures of Zepler Node required.
      • Nick Humfrey to come up with specs required for cables by the end of Wednesday (20/06/2007)
      • Zepler Node should be the easiest to admin due to easier accesibility to the roof. This makes it a good test site for a 802.11a node.
    • Chemistry Node
      • Will need to liase with Estates to get access to roof of chemistry. Speak to James Fox at Estates, (see mailing list for email address). Task delegated to Dave Tarrant.
      • Expect node to be ready for deployment mid-September.
      • May be worth discussing the situation with Faraday. When will power/access be restored for the roof after the refurb?
    • SUSU Node
      • Port on sown vlan should have been set up in the clubs and socs room. This needs to be checked. Task delegated to Paul Dart.
      • If port not setup contact Pete Wood (SUSU IT/Publication Manager) in SUSU so he can action it with ISS.
    • Equipment Required (for all nodes):
    • ECS Networks Contact - Lance Draper and John Wynn.
  • 4. SOWN[at]HOME
    • Radius Issues / Mid point server required
      • Signed certificates?
    • Functionality Ideas MIPv6 etc.
      • Protocol 41 forwarding, testing needed? See here. Multicast.
    • Hardware?
    • Firmware?
      • Open-WRT
  • 5. Budget Requests
    • (Data Withheld)
  • 6. Audit of current equipment
    • Nick & Paul go and find out about bits we have stored in the cupboard in the union. To be completed by the end of Wednesday (20/06/2007). Done here: Kitlist
  • 7. Next Meeting
    • Same time same place next week, i.e. Tuesday 26th June 2007 at 7pm in the Zepler Foyer.
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