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Accton (latterly OpenMesh) MR3201A
Accton (latterly OpenMesh) MR3201A
Model MR3201A
Maker Accton (latterly OpenMesh)
System on Chip Atheros AR2315 MIPS32 4K/E
RAM 32MiB0.0313 GiB
32,768 KiB
3.051758e-5 TiB
Flash 8MiB0.00781 GiB
8,192 KiB
7.629395e-6 TiB
Wireless 802.11b/g
Ethernet 1 x 100mbits/s
Power 1.0A @ 12VDC
OpenWRT page mr3201a
Status partially deprecated

This is basically the same as the OM1P. See that page for further information.

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Atheros AR2315 MIPS32 4K/E +
1 x 100mbits/s +
0.00781 GiB (8 MiB, 8,192 KiB, 7.629395e-6 TiB) +
Accton (latterly OpenMesh) +
0.0313 GiB (32 MiB, 32,768 KiB, 3.051758e-5 TiB) +
MR3201A +
1.0A @ 12VDC +
partially deprecated +