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  • NetStumbler - Windows application for mapping access point coverage. Very useful for net stumbling, obviously, and checking to see what coverage your new node has!
  • Kismet - Performs similar function to net stumbler, but works in Linux, FreeBSD etc. Very funky application, with straight forward display. Can use GPS data to create maps of coverage.
  • iStumbler - General purpose stumbler for Mac OS X, with support for Bluetooth devices and Bonjour, as well as WiFi
  • AirSnort - Wireless LAN tool to recover encryption keys used with WEP. Wonder what you would use that for? :)
  • WiFi Dog - Hotspot management/splash screen software - open source
  • Chillispot - Another splash screen authentication software


  • - Supplier of x86 based embedded systems as used on SOWN nodes
  • - Produce MIPS based embedded systems, slightly cheaper than Soekris and can have up to 6 mini PCI cards on one board

Routing Protocols

Licensing Issues

  • Ofcom - Office of Communications, responsible for licensing in the UK
  • 802.11a/b/g Channels - Legal channels with their frequencies for 802.11a/b/g provided by Cisco

Other Wireless Groups

There are a number of community wireless groups around today (too many to list individually here). A good place to find information about them is Google