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Installed on Sown-auth2, Sown-auth2-dev, Backup2, Backup3, Sown-buildroot, Sown-buildroot-dev, Sown-data1, Suws-marconi, Sown-monitor, Sown-monitor-new, Tunnelbroker, Sown-radius2, Sown-vms, Sown-vpn2, Sown-www
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Git is a free and open source distributed version control system . It is considered superior to SVN, CVS, etc. as it allows cheap local branching, convenient staging areas, and multiple workflows. In particular, this means there is no such rigid server-client relationship. Each 'cloned' repository could be made the 'origin' rather than relying on a single server, which has the potential to lose version control history if the version control server suddenly disappears.

Git is used on most of SOWN servers. Sown-auth2 has a virtual interface with a SOWN IP address ( and CNAME to provide an internal Git origin. Typical SOWN puts most of its repository on GitHub under its GitHub organisation.