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external-monitor.sown.org.uk is a server hosted fully outside the SOWN and University of Southampton network. This allows its to effectively check particular hosts and services are externally visible. At present this server is a VM hosted in a data centre in Ireland.

It has a 2GHz QEMU Virtual CPU processor with 512MiB0.5 GiB
524,288 KiB
4.882812e-4 TiB
of memory. It has a 10GiB10,240 MiB
10,485,760 KiB
0.00977 TiB
hard drive and it has 1x 100Mbit/s Virtio Ethernet port. Dublin, Ireland (52° 50' 34", -6° 56' 20")

Installed Software

The server's operating system is Ubuntu Linux 16.04 LTS running on Linux Kernel 4.4.0-xx-generic (x86_64).

The server also has the following software installed on it:

Services Provisioned

  • External monitoring proxy


This server is connected with the following IP addresses:

  • 2001:470:1f08:391::2 using a Hurricane Electric tunnel

Its MAC address is 00:16:3e:0f:55:15 on its eth0 interface it also has a he-ipv6 interface for the Hurricane Electric tunnel to provide IPv6 connectivity.

Bespoke Service Checks

Checks that the Hurricane Electic tunnel. This check will report CRITICAL if the tunnel interface is down. It reports WARNING if there is an issue pinging 2001:4860:4860::8888 (Google's DNS server) or sees packet loss greater than 20% or latency greater than 100ms.
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52° 50' 34", -6° 56' 20"Latitude: 52.842788888889
Longitude: -6.938875
2GHz QEMU Virtual CPU +
10 GiB (10,240 MiB, 10,485,760 KiB, 0.00977 TiB) +
Linux Kernel 4.4.0-xx-generic (x86_64) +
Dublin, Ireland +
0.5 GiB (512 MiB, 524,288 KiB, 4.882812e-4 TiB) +
1x 100Mbit/s Virtio Ethernet port +
Ubuntu Linux 16.04 LTS +
External monitoring proxy +
external-monitor.sown.org.uk +
eth0 +  and he-ipv6 + +
2001:470:1f08:391::2 +
00:16:3e:0f:55:15 +