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Please note this is a research and learning and wireless network so we cannot availability guarantees but will endeavour to fix issues as soon as we can.

Access to SOWN is governed by our Acceptable Use Policy, as well as your own common sense. Please remember that Internet access available through home nodes is generously provided by their hosts on a voluntary basis - please do not abuse this. Any concerns about suspicious behaviour should be directed to the Contact Us page.

How To Connect

Currently, only those who belong to an institution (typically universities and further education colleges) that supports eduroam can connect to a home node over its eduroam network name (SSID). If you are unsure how to use Eduroam, search you institution's website for 'Eduroam' to find instructions (e.g. [1], [2]). For further information, please see SOWN's Eduroam information page. If you are in the UK, you can find out whether your institution is part of the eduroam community by looking here.

SOWN is working towards providing secondary SSIDs on its wireless access points so that users can also obtain authenticated free Internet access using the SOWNroam SSID.