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The admin site (available at if you are connected to the SOWN or ECS network) has three levels of user access:

  • SOWN Users
  • Node Admins
  • SOWN Admins

Technically, anyone with an ECS or iSolutions account could login to the admin site if they have access the the above URL but there would not really be anything they could do once logged in

The features of the admin site for each of these types of user are as follows:

SOWN Users

When you log into the admin site you will be presented with a page with couple of options down the left:

  • Change Password
  • Logout

In addition to this if a SOWN user has forgotten their password, they can request to reset by clicking on the forgotten password link on the login page. On the "Forgot Password" page, the user can submit either their SOWN username or email address. This will generate an email to them with a link (with a 24 hour timeout) to reset the current password. The "Reset Password" page allows the user to enter and new password and confirm it before resetting it. For a password to be reset the following conditions must be met:

  • Password and its confirmation must match.
  • Password must be at least 8 characters.
  • Password must not be too common. (Based on the 100,000 must common passwords minus those shorter than 8 characters).

Change Password

This allow a SOWN user to change their password by entering their old password, their new password and a confirmation of their new password, before clicking "Change Password".


This will log the user out of the admin site.

User Admin on SOWN Public Website

As users may not always be able to access the Admin Site on Sown-auth2, equivalent change, forgot and reset password functionality are available on the SOWN public website (i.e.

Node Admins

Node admins can either use their ECS/iSolutions account for managing their node(s) or a SOWN account can be create for them, if they do not already have one. The preference is now to create them a SOWN account so they can manage their node from the SOWN public website as well.

As a node admin, a user has access to the administration pages for their node deployment(s), using the following links under the "My Deployments" menu:

  • Configuration
  • Usage



SOWN Admins

SOWN admins can make changes to various different aspects of SOWN. A list of additional menu options they can see are shown below:

Under "Main Menu":

  • Users

Under "Nodes/Deployments":

  • Nodes
  • Node Hardwares
  • Deployments
  • All Deployments Usage
  • Pending Node Requests
  • Pending Node Setup Requests
  • Reserved Subnets

Under "Miscellaneous";

  • Servers
  • Other Hosts
  • Cron Jobs
  • Certificates
  • Enquiries (0)
  • Community Account Requests (0)
  • Inventory
  • Radius Accounting

System Settings

The SOWN admin site has an extensive configuration file of underlying settings. There follows a list of the most significant of these.


The name (SOWN) and long name of the network (Southampton Open Wireless Network). The site name (SOWN Admin System) and public site name (SOWN Public Node Admin).


This includes the contact email and (no replies) sender email addresses. As well as the sender name and email subject prefix.

IP Prefixes

For IPv4 this is currently "10.13." but will shortly change to "10.5." Technically this should be a.b.0.0/16 but it is easy to code as a sub-string for a /16 subnet.

For IPv6 is currently "2001:630:d0:f7" and there are no plans for this to be changed. Technically this should be 2001:63:d0:f700::/56 but it is easy to code as a sub-string for a /56 network.


SOWN has two DNS servers listed in the Admin Site settings: (Sown-gw) and (Sown-auth2), these will shortly be changed to their new equivalent IP addresses.