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SOWN (the Southampton Open Wireless Network) is a project led by students and researchers with the support of Electronics & Computer Science (ECS) at the University of Southampton, UK. The group aims to investigate the technologies and infrastructure needed to deploy effective community-wide Wi-Fi network coverage. In particular, the potential for such networks to provide 802.1x authentication and fully routed IPv6.

More information is available on the What Is SOWN page. Otherwise you can chat to us on our IRC channel here. If you're interested in participating or just want to experiment with wireless technologies, you can attend our regular Meetings and Workshops which are generally open for anyone to attend. We are always looking for more people to become involved so please come and join the fun!

As the SOWN network is research and learning led wireless network in it is under continual development. Therefore, at times from a user's point of view, it may not be fully functional. Check our Network status page for more details. To find out more about the servers and other hosts on our network look at our topology.

We are currently working on improving the quality of the pages on this wiki. Pages that need work and therefore may contain out of date information should be marked as such and are listed on Category:WikiTodo.