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Node Info

Node Name SUSU Node
Location Roof of West Building, Highfield Campus
Lat/Long 50° 56' 5", -1° 23' 51"
Hardware Soekris net4511
Latest Update Re-deployed 23/9/07
DNS address
IPv4 address
IPv6 address 2001:630:d0:f700::2
MAC address 00:00:24:c0:dc:1c
Switch port


Photo Galleries

Photos of the construction of SUSU Node

Building the Node

First Put up in 2003, this was the first node to go live using a net4511 [Soekris] embedded PC. The board is running 'voyage' linux, based on debian. We're using a prism2 card in HostAP mode. The node no-longer uses WDS links to connect to the rest of the network, it has its own ethernet connection to the SOWN wired network. Power to the node is via POE injector. The board is mounted in a waterproof box from Maplin.

The prism2 card was modified to have an external sma connector as can be seen in the picture. (many thanks to Richard for this!).


Soekris net4511 £175.53
Netgear MA401 ~£45 new
Solwise 8db Omni £37.12
4m Westflex 103 £4
Connectors £25
Waterproof box £15
10ft pole £15
Replacement U-bolts £5
PoE Supply £25
Compact Flash £15
Total ~£250

The actual cost was nearer £250 as we already had certain items such as the wireless card, waterproof box etc from previous experiments and we'd written off the cost of these items.

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50° 56' 5", -1° 23' 51"Latitude: 50.934709
Longitude: -1.397413
+ + +
2001:630:d0:f700::2 +
00:00:24:c0:dc:1c +