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SOWN[at]HOME Nodes are wireless access points that are loaned out to students and staff to host at their home. To apply to host a node go and make a request. If you want to find out more first read on.

SOWN[at]HOME nodes are configurable so that a host can share as much of their bandwidth/usage as they are happy with. By logging into the admin page for their node, a host can:

  • Set how much can be downloaded/uploaded through the node each month
  • Set the maximum amount of bandwidth the node can use at any time, (not currently available).
  • Firewall the node so only specific ports (e.g. web, email, ssh, etc.) can be used
  • Block Bit-torrenting, (not currently available).
  • Allow specified users to access your home network, (not currently available).

Reasons for Hosting a SOWN[at]HOME Node

  • To be part of the community wireless project that is SOWN
  • To play low-bandwidth network games such as OpenTTD with others on the network.
  • To provide Wi-Fi on your home network if you only have a wired router
  • To get a direct IPv6 connection to the Internet allowing you to access IPv6-only resources (e.g. IPv6 Google), (not currently available).

More information about SOWN[at]HOME Nodes can be found in the FAQ and the Terms And Conditions or you can ask a question from our contact us page.

Technologies on a SOWN[at]HOME

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