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Meeting (to be) held on 2009/02/19 at 19:00 in Mary Campbell Room

Previous meeting: 12 February 2009 19:00:00 Next meeting: 26 February 2009 19:00:00


  • If you don't ask for a skype meeting, you won't get one.
  • SSL certificate on login page
    • Updated - simply copy the new sown-auth.{crt,key} files over the old ones and restart apache.
    • Nodes don't hold a copy of the certificate, instead they have the top half of the chain (Cybertrust Education Root Certificate), w.hich they need to validate sown-auths certificate. No changes on nodes are required.
    • The current certificate runs out sometime in 2010.
    • You can't fix the nodes date problem to recognise a valid certificate as you can't backdate the certificate as certificates cannot last longer than 11499 day.
    • The way to fix this is to manually set the date with a last modified file on the date with the date on Auth.
  • Firewall issues to accessing SOWN servers (Davetaz)
    • Done, 3 weeks ago. Jules sent Davetaz a screen shot of the latest rules.
    • Returned Nodes
      • Dev8D Nodes

Things to check with Dev8D nodes:

  • Static IPs
  • Custom firewall script on the nodes in /etc/init.d/
  • Wireless Channels
  • Wireless ESSIDS
  • OpenVPN servers and clients will be connecting over TCP

      • Returned Shakespeare Road Node

Was returned due to it slowing down the users network, we suspect this is a user problem and not a SOWN specific issue. Most likely 2 machines on their own network having the same address causing an ARP storm.

    • New Deployments (SjH)

4 gave out last week, 3 up, 1 isn't. Pretty good success rate. When you go fixing it, please wear your SOWN shirt.

    • Requests

No new requests, someone needs to check the folders on the ISS account.

  • Admin Tasks
    • PHP code cleanup (Leth)
      • No Progress other than minor bug fixes.
      • Need Ajax on user selecting box.
    • Replacing cron jobs with ECS Webserver SVN
      • The code on dev is not copied over using a cron job, it is also unit tested on dev.
    • Editing the SOWN CSS. Instuctions on how to do this are on the secure wiki.
    • daveruss has written a page to hide ip_mac and users_mac record to use whilst node testing
      • It hides the fact that you have already logged in on nodes you are testing. Controlled by the account and not by the nodes, Admins only.
      • Will be document for next week.

    • Need to fix problem with mac address for an authenticated client not being pushed out to all nodes
      • Why doesn't the network auto-log you in if you have already logged in on that day?
      • Shouldn't do but sjh might have broken it.
      • daveruss will look into testing this.
  • General Presentations about SOWN
    • Recovering presentations from Dell laptop with corrupt Windows partition (SjH)
      • We nned to look into putting SOWN presentations back together and updating topologies etc.
      • The lost presentation is the mobile IPv6 one and the topology one.
  • WiMAX
    • We are going on a Campus Tour next week to look on the top on many buildings.
    • I'll chase the proposal and find out if it was sent.
  • SOWN Core Network Update (Davetaz)
    • SOWN[TEST] needs to be removed from B59L1.

  • Feedback from Dev8D (Davetaz)
    • The Account creation page didn't work as the accounts didn't auto verify, you need to have an account verified field.
    • Also once you've signed up it should auto log you in.

  • Mobile IPv6 (SjH)
    • Testing of IPv6 on SUSU
    • Home agent testing - firewall problems?
      • Email outputs need to be put here.

  • Link-Layer Filtering (formerly Captive-DNS -> munging) (morse)

  • AOB
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