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Work in Progress
This page is a work in progress.

It needs information on how to get SOWN packages onto 4MB of Flash.

This work has been allocated to [[allocated to::Scorpia]].

TP-Link MR3020
TP-Link MR3020
Model MR3020
Maker TP-Link
System on Chip AR9331
RAM 32MiB0.0313 GiB
32,768 KiB
3.051758e-5 TiB
Flash 4MiB0.00391 GiB
4,096 KiB
3.814697e-6 TiB
Wireless 802.11b/g/n (2.4GHz only)
Ethernet 1 x 100mbits/s
Power 255mA (max) @ 5VDC (USB micro)
OpenWRT page https://wiki.openwrt.org/toh/tp-link/tl-mr3020
Status deprecated

This is a guide for turning the TP-Link MR3020 into a SOWN node.

Flashing with OpenWRT

A detailed guide on flashing the node is available on the OpenWRT wiki at:


Sown Setup

Generic instructions for this can be found here.

  • Node box numbers in the 410-419 range should be used.

Sown Firmware Install

This device only has 4MB or Flash. The SOWN build typically requires 4-8MB of flash, so the following step are required to cut down on the amount of flash required.

To Be Done

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AR9331 +
1 x 100mbits/s +
TE7MR3020 +
0.00391 GiB (4 MiB, 4,096 KiB, 3.814697e-6 TiB) +
It needs information on how to get SOWN packages onto 4MB of Flash. +
TP-Link +
0.0313 GiB (32 MiB, 32,768 KiB, 3.051758e-5 TiB) +
MR3020 +
255mA (max) @ 5VDC (USB micro) +
deprecated +
802.11b/g/n (2.4GHz only) +