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Workshop (to be) held on 2012/09/01 at 10:00
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in daveruss's bay

Previous workshop: 8 July 2012 10:00:00 Next workshop: 1 December 2012 11:00:00

Task List

Will do

  1. crontabs need a config file.
 * Done, /etc/config/crontabs
 * updated
 * updated
 * /etc/init.d/sown_boot updated
  1. node owners need a "home" (bandwidth usage)

  1. support for multiple SSID.
 * Support for multiple SSIDs have been checked, works on our build of the nodes.
  1. Make sure the config is updated. (Get auth2 to tell icinga that the node has tried to update)
 * Done for crontabs, this needs scaling up to everything in /etc/sown/configure_scripts/enabled
  1. Check nodes can connect directly to auth 2
 * Checked on Lisbon Avenue node :)

Might do

  1. /etc/sown/config (one directory per location + default)
  2. /etc/configure-scripts (need to update for each location)
  3. Location change script needs to update /etc/config (all files, default for not exist) and restart appropriate services.
  4. OpenVPN needs to be location aware.


  1. IEEE Std 802.11r-2008 (Fast BSS Transition) - CONFIG_IEEE80211R=y
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