Port Forwarding to a HomeNode

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This page provides a layman's guide to enabling and disabling port forwarding to a SOWN[at]HOME node so that node hosts can give a facility for SOWN to debug the node. It is assumed that the host has an ADSL modem router to which the SOWN[at]HOME node is connected, if not you (the node host) will need to contact SOWN for further details if you don't know how to set up port forwarding.

Enabling Port Forwarding

  • Start up a web browser and connect to the web interface for you ADSL Router. This will normally be something like, or or or If you still have the manual for your router it is best to check for the specific address.
  • Once you have logged into your router's web interface, look for the Port Forwarding page, this is often referred to as adding a Virtual Server.
  • You should be presented with a form a bit like the following:


  • If you do not currently have any port forwarding set up you should set the to and from for both the external port and redirect port to 22, otherwise set the to and from for the redirect port to a port of your choosing.
  • You then need to check the internal IP address for you SOWN node. This should be in the list of DHCP leases. You need to cross reference with the MAC address of your SOWN node that is written on the label on the back. Once you have set the internal IP address apply the changes.
  • Make sure that if your router has a firewall that it is not blocking inbound traffic to port 22 (or whichever port you have chosen). You should also allow access from any source port.
  • Once you have done all this you should contact SOWN with the IP address for your ADSL connection and the port number that you have forwarded to the node's port 22 (probably also 22). You should try and do this ASAP, in case the DHCP server on your router allocates a different IP address to you SOWN node in the meantime.

Disabling Port Forwarding

Generally this is just a case of finding the page with the list of port forwarding and clicking delete on the appropriate entry.