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SOWN usage up 73% in 2009

Date: 2010/01/01

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SOWN has had a 73% increase in the number of users in 2009, compared to the previous year.

A total of 3123 users connected to SOWN in, with 2574 of those being new to SOWN this year.

Again this year, we have had users from all major schools within the University.

A more detailed review is available at

In addition to our increased user count, we have also seen further expansion of our network this year, with two new nodes being deployed on campus.

In May, a node was deployed in the Stag's Head, to provide coverage in an area where it was difficult to connect to the SUSU Node (due to the SUSU Node being directly above the Stag's Head).

In December, at the request of some first year ECS undergraduates, and with the support of ECS and iSolutions, a node was deployed in the Annex of Building 2, where there are a couple of lecture theatres with no iSolutions wireless coverage.