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Meeting (to be) held on 2018/05/17 at 19:00 in Nuffield Small Lecture Room

Previous meeting: 3 May 2018 19:00:00 Next meeting: 7 June 2018 19:00:00


  • Projects
    • SOWN IPv4 Migration
      • Removal of 10.13/16 subnet usage
      • Adding of public IP address and firewalling
    • Sown-auth2 Server Replacement
      • Sown-vpn2 can how connect nodes natively
      • Need to review at routing between auth2 and vpn2
    • Node Firmware
      • New AR150 firmware produced for May 2018
      • Still working on mobile interfaces
      • Need to make a plan for deploying MAC address blacklisting (so home users do not connect to eduroam when they don't want to)
    • Documentation
      • Always documentation needing doing.
      • Especially about BGP, now it is used more heavily
    • 802.11ac SOWN Zepler
      • Need to come up with a plan to further investigate

  • Node Requests
    • Recent node requests have been approved.
      • One already deployed
      • One to hopefully be deployed shortly
      • Further node deployed using host's own hardware but SOWN firmware.

  • AOB
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