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Meeting (to be) held on 2011/08/25 at 19:00 in Access Grid Room

Previous meeting: 18 August 2011 19:00:00 Next meeting: 1 September 2011 19:00:00


  • Amateur Radio
    • RSGB affiliation (phil/daveruss)
      • No progress, we are waiting for the Direct Debit Mandate form
    • Freshers Week 2011 (phil)
      • Can we get a Flag with the SUWS logo (HeliosFA to comment)
      • (phil) will go to the clubs-n-socs office to ask about power and the grass outside the west-ref

  • Confirmation of continued SUSU society status and Bunfight stall (crwilliams)
    • Confirmed!

  • Nodes (daveruss)
    • Adelaide Road
      • No progress

  • Admin Tasks
    • Move SOWN and trunk ports to the Access Grid room (Davetaz)
      • No progress
    • SOWN Wiki Link syntax, Interwiki (Leth/phil)
      • We need to add a line into the database to enable this on the sown side.
      • The link prefix SUWS:Main_Page now works on sown wiki.

  • Intern work (James147 and Davetaz)
    • Eduroam campus-wide (mike)
      • IPv6 problems where link-layer multicast is getting moved between vlans.
      • Assorted hacks are available, we could come up with a scalability test/demo
    • Eduroam compliance

  • Icinga Alerts
    • GW DISK /
      • nfsen data for first half of 2010 removed
    • AUTH DISK /
      • Still flapping, probably can stop logging radius responses from eapol tests
      • Not discussed

  • AOB
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