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Meeting (to be) held on 2011/03/10 at 19:00 in Zepler CLS Lecture Room

Previous meeting: 3 March 2011 19:00:00 Next meeting: 17 March 2011 19:00:00


  • SOWN and ECS joint projects

  • Potential Summer Internships (Davetaz)

  • Icinga Alerts (Crwilliams)
    • BACKUP{2-3}/DISK

  • AOB


  • EGM
    • Tyler Ward arrived and replaced crwilliams as chair.
    • Proposed changes to the constitution were discussed and all changes were approved with exception of the last 2 sentences of no speaking paragraph, which were removed.

  • Undercroft
    • Facilities say equipment was moved as was it not accessed for a long time
    • Equiptment was not damaged
    • ECS are aware of situation
    • Where to move remaining items?
      • Recovered items currently in cupboard in b32
      • It was decided to leave poles until new space was allocated

  • Kit Order
    • davetaz discuss with Tim Chown under approval

  • DNS Records
    • In progress. Andy Landells said changes will be made, not yet complete

  • Home Nodes
    • no progress

  • Joint Projects
    • WiFi Survey:
      • We have laptops, proper ones rather than netbooks
        • Two new laptops with docking stations
        • Two slightly older laptops
        • Insertion rights for auth?
        • A VM now exists with full rights to use for storing data (sown-data-1)
        • daveruss has set up sown-data-1
        • sown-data-1 added to icinga in meeting
        • If SSL certificate is needed get
      • eduroam campus wide:
        • no progress
        • now gives eduroam.soton IPs
      • ipv6 allocation software:
        • makes pictures
        • gets data from yaml files
        • nearly finished

  • SOWN ECS projects
    • ecs ipv6 firewall
    • no progress - for interns
    • not suitable for weekly meetings

  • potential internships
    • davetaz/daveruss working on it

  • other
    • icinga:
      • moved performance data across (crwilliams)
      • ready to migrate after davetaz snapshots
    • temperature alerts:
      • change temp warning to 30 to catch increases more quickly
      • monitor situation of aircon issues
    • backfire packages:
      • no progress
    • wifi in halls:
      • no progress

  • icinga alerts:
    • AUTH/AUTH and AUTH/EAPOL-SOTON - daveruss suggested changes, davetaz will investigate
    • eduroam - need to track what is sent to each servers to check that domains are always included using nagios/icinga, as considered a DDOS, domainless ones should never be passed to JANET
    • LOGIN/DNS-RR: fixed?
    • BACKUP{2-3}/DISK: caused by included pictures? also extra icinga data

  • Mailing Lists
    • secretary: update mailing list
    • Tyler: go on support

  • AOB:
    • HeliosFA roadmap:
      • SUWS -> SOWN
      • SUWS -> landing page?
      • old licenses: ask ofcom, HeliosFA do this, work with davetaz
      • problem: frogs says no licenses
    • data.soton:
      • get sown access points into rdf
    • sort out facebook group
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