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This page is deprecated and does not reflect the current state of SOWN.

SOWN is no longer actively researching VoIP or has any systems deployed to support it. There are no plans to begin investigating this again in the foreseeable future.

Some Info about linphone

Using with Asterisk


Go -> Preferences -> 'sip' tab

In the 'Identity' Area
Your sip address


Click Add proxy/registrar

Sip Identity


Sip Proxy (may not be required)

Making Calls

In the main linphone tab

In Sip Address Enter


Standalone v6 to v6


In this case the software was installed on two Ubuntu machines. Both machines are on the same subnet and use link local addresses to talk to eachother. There is no reason why this cannot function with global addresses accross the world. When I tried this in April I think it worked but it appears not to work now - I think it is because Ubuntu has further killed itself.

First thing to check is that the "Use IPv6" option is enabled in the properties of each copy of Linphone. Your properties should look as follows:


Making Calls

To make a call you need to enter the IPv6 address of the machine you want to call as follows:


The system will then call the client which should begin ringing. You can answer the call on the client device and start talking.