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59/1257 was formerly known as the CLS Lecture Room (and before that the Zepler Seminar Room 1) on Level 1 (the ground floor) of Building 59 (Zepler) at the University of Southampton. It is one of the locations SOWN used to use for our meetings, before it was converted into a computing lab.

Facts about "59/1257"
Coordinates50° 56' 14", -1° 23' 52"Latitude: 50.937325
Longitude: -1.3977194444444
Has room number1257 +
In buildingBuilding 59 +
Old-titleZepler Seminar Room 1 +
TitleZepler CLS Lecture Room +
Equivalent URI
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http://id.southampton.ac.uk/room/59-1257 +