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32/4073 is the Mary Campbell Room (formerly known Faculty Board Room) on Level 4 of Building 32 at the University of Southampton. It used to be used by SOWN for their regular meetings, when it was known (even longer ago) as the Demo Room. The phone number of the room is 023 8059 3281, or 23281
URIs of the form "23281;phone-context=soton.ac.uk" are not allowed.
Facts about "32/4073"
Coordinates50° 56' 11", -1° 23' 45"Latitude: 50.936447222222
Longitude: -1.3958666666667
Has phone number+442380593281 +
Has room number4073 +
In buildingBuilding 32 +
Is directly above32/3073 +
TitleMary Campbell Room +
Equivalent URI
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http://id.southampton.ac.uk/room/32-4073 +